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But as I am travelling I can make notes using my android phone camera on google docs on the road and then sync it back at home jorra: i would use a permenant storage solution and a portable device so you could be in several different rooms jorra: that way you don't have to worry about losing data jorra: you could even back it up to a cloud service if you want to be more on-the-go But how do I search for a USB storage device that has software installed and works with a specific version of Linux? jorra: you have an OSX? But even on the Mac, unless you use a partition you can still lose things jorra: so I'd say. make sure you buy a device that will work w/ ubuntu out of the box jorra: I'd recommend starting off with an SD card, it's generally cheaper and has a bigger capacity than USB storage jorra: it's also easy to format and can be used on different computers, so you can just copy files as needed jorra: for the computer you're working on, it might be worthwhile to look at a netbook, I find they're easy to move from computer to computer and are usually good in a pinch (works off of USB, too) jorra: i'm assuming you're looking for a USB stick that works with ubuntu. If you can, use a USB stick jorra: there's no one solution for linux as there is for Windows, I'm sure. Some usb sticks are built for use with linux, some aren't jorra: all of the things I've mentioned are portable USBs, though jorra: if you have a machine you can't move to, or it's a touch screen (like I have with my desktops), you might be able to use a tablet, I have one of those as well and it's easy to transport from room to room, using a bluetooth keyboard jorra: my tablet has USB as well, and it's very convenient to use it with a bluetooth keyboard. You can use it in the



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HD Online Player (Meltdown Deep Freeze Download 147) [Latest] 2022

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